The Thai Organic Fairtrade Agricultural Group (TOFTA) was established in 2012 as an independent farmer’s community enterprise with the mission to promote locally grown organic and Fairtrade rice in order to enhance farmers’ livelihoods in a eco-friendly and equitable manner.

   TOFTA also oversees community well-being through the investment of Fairtrade premiums in educational and health-related facilities – often in very remote areas that have not fully benefitted from the government’s social services infrastructure. The group engages all of its members in the decision-making process on a range of issues, from farming methodology and education to finances and administration.

In providing the knowledge and methodology behind organic farming, TOFTA also helps to preserve a very traditional, natural and more sustainable way of life, which complements the organic farming process. For instance, farmers compost manure produced by their cattle and buffalo with plant waste to make natural, organic fertilizer. Also, farmers harvest ample rainfall to irrigate their paddies, nurturing the rice plants with a completely natural and pristine source of water.

   TOFTA members produce a variety of organic rice, including white jasmine rice (Thai Hom Mali), whole-grain (red and brown) jasmine rice, black rice, glutinous rice and parboiled long grain white rice The products are certified by Organic and Fairtrade regulatory bodies, including FLO, BIO SUISSE, NOP and EU Bio. Backed by reputable organic labels, the group also endeavours to widen the marketing channels of these healthful quality products, bringing Thailand’s best rice to consumers around the globe.



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